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Johnson Law serves the people of Raleigh North Carolina, and surrounding areas. Johnson Law is an experienced family law of lawyers to help you in your family law case.


Deciding to separate and ultimately divorce is a difficult and painful decision, but it’s important to know your rights [.....]

Child Support

Child Support will be a part of almost every family law case in North Carolina. Typically, child support in North Carolina [.....]


Orders issued by the court are able to be modified, but this can be difficult to accomplish. [.....]

Child Custody & Visitation

The well-being of your children is often the most important factor in any Family Law case. In North Carolina [.....]

Spousal Support

In the State of North Carolina, there are two kinds of spousal support: post separation support and alimony. [.....]

Property Division

Dividing property after married couples separate can be very emotional and frustrating. In the state of North [.....]

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Johnson Law is an established family law office that focuses on family law. We have years of experience practicing family law, and we strive at success for our clients.

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We are dedicated to creating an individualized plan to get you the results you deserve. No two cases are identical, and that is why we tailor our cases individually for each client.

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Family Law is what we focus on at Johnson Law.

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We make a strategic plan for your family law case.

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Family law issues can be draining. When emotions run high, it can be difficult to make sound decisions that will shape not only your own future, but also the future of your family. We strive to serve as a trusted resource during this challenging time.

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